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Quiet Title Disputes Attorney in Laguna Hills, California

In the state of California, a title dispute can delay or prevent the sale of a residential or commercial real estate property. Likewise, a title dispute can deprive a buyer of their legal rights to own the property or land. In order to resolve a title dispute or fix a title error, a party with a claim of ownership to the property or land may be eligible to bring a quiet title action.

If you're involved in a real estate title dispute and are considering filing a quiet title action, it is important that you retain a skilled California real estate law attorney for detailed guidance. At J. Eric LeVine, ESQ., I have devoted my career to providing outstanding legal services and guiding clients in real estate legal matters.

As your legal counsel, I can evaluate your unique situation and enlighten you about your available legal options to settle the title issue. Also, I will help file the quiet title action, establish your ownership and legal rights to the property, and help proceed with the real estate transaction.

My firm – J. Eric LeVine, ESQ. – proudly serves clients in Laguna Hills, California, and throughout San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties.

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Reasons a Title Ends Up in Dispute

A title dispute occurs when two or more parties disagree over the actual ownership of the title to a piece of property or land. A real estate title may end up in dispute due to the following reasons:

Illegal Deed

A deed that is executed by an incapacitated person or minor child may be invalid and unenforceable, thus affecting the ability of the potential buyer to claim ownership or legal rights over the property.

Public Record Errors

Title disputes may also occur due to any errors in public records. This may include errors in recording property information, spelling errors in addresses or names, incorrect documentation, unreleased mortgages, and erroneous square footage.

Unknown Liens and Encumbrances

A lien or encumbrance against the land or property owner will remain with that property until it is resolved, even after transferring the title to its new owner.

Boundary Disputes

Property owners and their adjacent neighbors may disagree over the boundaries where the property starts and ends. This may occur when there is a disagreement between two neighboring property owners regarding the location of their property line.

Easement Issues

An easement affords an individual, entity, or organization the legal right to use another person's land for a particular purpose. There may be concerns over the existence, scope, usage, or interference with the easement. Such easement issues may prevent the property owner from using the "servient estate" as they please. 

Unknown Heirs

An unknown owner may appear – after several years – with a last will and testament that grants them the ownership of the property after the previous property owner's demise. This may lead to a title dispute.

However, until the title dispute is resolved, the real estate transaction cannot be finalized. A knowledgeable California title dispute lawyer can explore your available legal options to resolve such title disagreements and determine whether to file a quiet title action.

Quiet Title Suit

A quiet title action can be described as a legal proceeding used to clarify or confirm the ownership of real property or land with a disputed title. The quiet title suit may also be used to:

  • Resolve disputes between two property claimants. 

  • Fix a technical error in the title to a real estate property.

  • Determine the rights of the property or land owners.

The individuals who want to claim legal rights or ownership of a property will file a quiet title suit in court. If the plaintiff succeeds, all future claims against the property ownership by other individuals will be effectively quashed. The claimant will have a superior right of property ownership and can proceed with the real estate sale.

Resolving Title Issues Takes Time

Resolving title issues may take an extended period of time. Transferring ownership of the title owned by several parties may need the signatures of the co-owners. In most situations, finding these co-owners may take longer than anticipated. A knowledgeable attorney can help petition a quiet title action in a court of law and present your case meticulously in pursuit of the most favorable outcome.

How a Real Estate Law Attorney Can Help

Disputes involving real estate titles are often fiercely contested, and resolving such disagreements may involve a lot of complexities. Thankfully, filing a quiet title action can help clarify the ownership of the disputed real estate property or fix a technical error in the title. If you need to file an action to quiet title, hiring an experienced real estate law attorney is crucial for proper guidance.

At J. Eric LeVine, ESQ., I have the diligence, resources, and experience to guide and represent clients in their real estate legal matters and real estate transactions. As your legal counsel, I will evaluate all documents associated with the real estate property, identify possible title issues, and explore your possible legal options to resolve the title dispute.

Using my extensive legal knowledge, I will help file your quiet title action and represent you diligently in every legal phase involved in the court proceedings. Also, I will help settle the title issues, fix any title error, and establish your ownership and legal rights over the real property. Having me on your side can improve your chances of the best possible outcome in your real estate legal battle.

Quiet Title Disputes Attorney Serving Laguna Hills, California

If you're considering filing a quiet title action to resolve a title dispute, contact my firm – J. Eric LeVine, ESQ. – today to schedule a simple case assessment. I can offer you the experienced legal guidance and reliable representation you need in your real estate legal battle. My firm is proud to serve clients in Laguna Hills, California, and throughout San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties.