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Civil Litigation Attorney in Laguna Hills, California

My goal is to resolve the dispute efficiently and favorably so you can focus on your business and not this problem. A settlement is almost always the most expedient and least expensive way of accomplishing this. However, any settlement must be approached from a position of strength which requires solid preparation of the case. Sometimes, if this cannot be accomplished informally, mediation, arbitration, and/or trial is going to be necessary.

Your Civil Litigation Options

Successfully resolving legal disputes in Laguna Hills, California, requires focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the claims surrounding the problem.


Involves the use of a neutral person (usually a retired judge or a very experienced attorney) who works to bring the two sides to a settlement. If achieved, the settlement will be set forth in a written agreement that ends the dispute. Mediations are not binding. In other words, any settlement will be voluntary between the two sides. But once a written settlement is signed by everyone involved, it becomes binding and is enforceable.

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Arbitration is an alternative to litigating the matter in court. It is conducted by a neutral arbitrator and the decision is not appealable. The two sides have to have agreed to arbitration either in the contract that is at issue in the matter or after the dispute has arisen.


Trial is the last resort and is the most contentious and expensive way of dealing with the dispute.


Settlement remains an option throughout each of these processes. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these processes. I will review each of these with you. If you are in a business dispute you need an attorney you can trust and who will candidly evaluate your matter with you.

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